If you look carefully, you will realize that every sportsperson including runners and cyclists, to people pumping iron or working out and breaking sweat in form are more often than not wearing tight-fitted, sleek and body-hugging sports gear. The snug items – more commonly known as compression garments sport a wide range to cover you from head to toe – literally. The skull caps, hoods, arm sleeves, tops with long sleeves, vests, tights, shorts and much more are included in this wide ranging style.

Sports lovers around the world prefer compression clothing, whether it is the famed NBA player or a marathon. Sports persons use compression garments to support knee, calves, get rid of tightness and soreness and some give it credit for speed. Compression garments can be used for medical purposes. As well as, it helps in blood circulation and other related conditions.

Evidently, these compression garments have become quite a popular item and it is claimed that is has a lot of benefits physiologically. The science behind compression garments is that their major benefit becomes obvious after a workout, rather than during the activity. In fact, it has the same soothing feeling a massage can give to the inflammation and soreness of a workout by reducing swelling and fatigue.

Men Women Compression Apparels for Workouts

The compression clothing is like a second skin. The reason why it slows fatigue is that because it applies a balanced pressure on surface over particular body parts. This accelerates the blood flow, and delivers oxygen quickly to the muscle groups and enhances the overall performance. Active blood circulation is also responsible for preventing and reducing the build-up of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. You can work more actively for longer periods with these effects.

Even, NFL player Bryan Scott vouches for the uses and benefits of compression garments – his favorite piece being the compression shots. In fact he has been seen quoting: “I sleep in my recovery skins during training camp,” says Scott. “By week two or three, when the other guys are dragging, I come out like it’s my first day.”

Another great benefit of compression garments is their ability to suck away the moisture from the body.  This allows the body to stay warm during colder season and keeps it cool during the hot summer months.

Compression garments boast of another unusual benefit and that is the material these garments are made form. It is a special material which is anti-bacterial which prevents uninviting body odor even while you are sweating profusely.

Compression socks

Compression garments like socks have medical benefits. Wearing a tight, supportive pair of socks can help reduce the risk of vein thrombosis, which is a brain clot usually found in the leg. This phenomenon occurs because of the swelling and inflammation in ankles due to a long run, long flights, long drives, or time behind a desk.

Compression headwear

Compression headwear is a popular item as well. Quite a lot of people go for caps and hoods during different seasons. In the winter months, people tend to opt for the cold-weather caps that draw the moisture away and keep the head warm. Breathable material of the summer caps makes them popular among people because it lets the heat escape serving as a coolant.

Lastly, another wonderful benefit is that it also satisfies your love of fashion and the need to look good. Sleek black is the most popular color but it does not mean that it is the only color available. You can experience a classy color blast with a variety of colors in tops and tights and look jazzier by pairing them with the forever in fashion black.

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