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Top Ladies Workout Gear Essentials to Keep You Warm in Winters

The crisp and cool fall is over and the colder winter days are here. Let the cold not be an excuse to let go of your workout especially as you will need to burn off all those extra calories that you’ve gained over thanksgiving and the holiday season has just begun.

Whether you are going for a run outdoors or hitting the gym, the right workout gear can make a difference. Whether you believe in going light with a pair of fleece pants or layering your apparel and finishing off with a thermal vest to keep you insulated harsh weather, along with other accessories, it comes down to the right selection of clothes for a killer winter workout.

The right kind of apparel can set your mind in the workout mode just as the combination of red, green and white sets you in the holiday mood. For kickass workout, get into the right gear and you will be ready to hit the gym instead of the couch.

Less is not More During Warm-ups

You may sweat a lot and feel really hot but that doesn’t mean that you should dress in your summer workout gear. Less is definitely not more when it comes to the harsh winter weather. Instead you can wear layers and remove them as per the need during your workout. Listed below are top workout apparel essentials that can keep your warm during winter workouts.

Layers are the Right Fashion Code

Want to satisfy both the athlete and fashionista in you? Then, opt for layers. Layering is not only fashionable, it is quite practical for the fitness conscious as well because peeling off the layers for a fierce workout and then piling them on can really benefit you.  You can start with Capri or full length spandex leggings under the sweatpants and pair it off with Augusta 2417 Ladies All Sport Sports Bra and top it off with a Matrix jersey. You can also layer a breathable cotton t-shirt with spandex, polyester, nylon, polar fleece or a wind breaker for a barrier against the cold weather avoid overheating.

Ladies Underwear for the Gym

Accessories to Beat the Chill

If you are planning to go for a run or a jog in the chilly weather or just practicing those yoga moves out in the fresh but chilly weather, then you should remember to cover your head, hands and feet so that most of your body would be protected against the cold.

You can choose from stylish and tight-fitting hat or the chic UltraClub Adult Knit Beanie, or the brightly colored knit, woven beanies from Augusta sportswear will also keep the head warm. They are really pragmatic, easy to wear and easy to remove.

To keep your hands warm, there is nothing better than wearing a really good pair of gloves. You can choose from a wide variety of gloves available like Holloway Comeback Mittens or Port Authority’s Fleece Gloves that will keep you warm and comfortable.

It is equally essential to keep your feet warm and comfortable and prevent them from frostbite. Performance crew socks and multi sport tube socks are just some of the brands that provide you with the best kind of breathable socks to keep your feet comfortable and cozy.

Precautions Against the Cold Weather

You may feel that it is better to work out in the open air, but the cold weather can trigger the body’s blood flow to be concentrated right in the core. Precaution is always better and in the wet, windy and cold weather, it is better to work out indoors instead of facing the extreme and harsh elements that can also cause injury or illness. If you feel you are ready to brave the weather, than it is necessary to be prepared for it. Your shoes like the rest of your gear should be suitable for all the cold elements. Opt for shoes with proper soles so that their traction would minimize the risk of slipping. Waterproof anoraks or windbreakers are perfect to keep the body and underneath clothing dry.

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