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10 Amazing Clothing Tips For Curvy Ladies

The times are changing and so are the trends. Ladies with curvy figures are no longer ashamed of flaunting their curves and their plus-sizes. This is evident from the many plus sized models who have proven that there is nothing to be ashamed of any body type and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The only thing you need to remember is to carry yourself well, be comfortable in whatever you wear and accept yourself the way you are. Here are some amazing clothing tips that can help you flaunt your curvy figure with grace and class.

  1. Invest in the Best Lingerie 

Whether you are slim or on the curvier side, undergarments can either enhance your looks or kill it completely. The right lingerie is something you should invest in especially for all those curves. Remember to buy the inner wear that is lighter in weight and won’t add extra bulk to your overall appearance, For the women on the heavier side, it is absolutely important to buy a bra that give you complete coverage. A pair of seamless undies is perfect for formal pants and fitted dresses.

  1. Embrace Your Curves and Fitted Clothes 

One of the very important rules for the curvy-figured ladies is to embrace your curves and along with that you need to embrace the fitted clothes as well. In fact, if you try to hide your curves, you may end up looking shapeless and even heavier than you are.  So, get keep your extra large t-shirts for sleeping and don’t opt for the larger dresses either. Wear some confidence along with something that accentuates your silhouette instead of hiding it.

  1. Find the Perfect Fabric to Grace Your Body 

You need to go find the perfect fabric that drapes your body with grace and looks sophisticated on you. If you feel that lighter fabrics like chiffon highlight your sexiness and the silk highlights your bulges and lump, then go for what you feel is right for you. No one else live in your skin, neither should they be allowed to dictate you about what to do. Wear what you think best suits you and you feel good and confident in it. Don’t just follow fashion trends because they are hot and happening because they may not be happening for you at all. Anything that makes you feel confident and sassy should be good enough.

  1. Get Your Clothes Customized or Tailored

Don’t shy away from getting your clothes tailored. If you a like a design but you can’t find it in your size, all you have to do is take a picture and get customized version from the tailor. This also allows you to make changes according to your body. Or you can simply let the designer inside you take over and have fun designing your own exclusive styles and designs.

  1. Get Friendly with the Right Type of Stripes

Stripes are a girl’s best friend according to fashion gurus. There’s so much room to play with stripes whether they are horizontal, vertical or crisscrossed. They’re stylish and versatile in any season. However, if you are the curvilicious type, then go for the vertical stripes that would give a slimmer and narrower illusion of your body, whereas, the horizontal; stripes give a broader look.

This does not mean that horizontal stripes are totally out of your league. Just mix these up with the vertical ones in a smaller ratio.

  1. Try boyfriend shorts, they’re ideal for summer

Boyfriend shorts are just perfect for curvy summer body. They are shaped to camouflage the love handles and go with a variety of tops including simple t-shirts. Accessorize these shorts with a belt and you are ready to go.

  1. Belts can actually save the day 

Talking of belts, there’s a great misconception that curvy ladies should not wear belts. Well, it’s nothing but a prejudiced myth. A wide belt can actually make you look leaner and it accentuates the relatively smaller part of your body – your waist.

  1. Flaunt Your Curves with Solid Colors

Prints and patterns may be your favorite but try to avoid wearing them if you are curvier than others. Deep, dark and solid colors are your BFF. Single-toned dresses and apparels perfectly flaunt your curves subtly without making them too obvious. If you must go for prints, try to select smaller prints.

  1. Don’t Stick to One Size in Trial Room When Shopping

Size is nothing but a number and numbers can be different especially if you are talking about varying clothing lines and brands. Always try different size as a 16 may not be 16 at another brand. Even try the smaller numbers. Just don’t stick to one. Whatever size fits you is the best size of all.

  1. Have a Couple of Fit and Flare Dresses

Have at least a couple of fit and flare dresses handy in your closet. They are perfect for any occasion and look stylish on any body type.

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