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Dress to Impress at the College Interview

Are you preparing for your college interviews? With the right grades, hard work and all those sleepless nights. Finally, the big day is here. It is a cliché but first impression may not be the last impression. It definitely plays a key-role in making an impact when you meet your interviewers for the first time.

You don’t really need to be a fashionista or go for the high end brands. Like the college interviews are scary enough without fretting over wardrobe issues too – “campus interview fashion shows.” There may be some colleges that may be impressed by the expensive brands and looks. But the more sensible pragmatic college deans and staff responsible for admissions would be interested in your portfolios, transcripts and your enthusiasm towards learning.

That does not allow you to commit the biggest faux pas of wearing torn blue jeans, exposed underwear or decolletage. If you are grudgingly thinking of a formal suit – no need to worry about that. All you have to concentrate is that you should be dress neatly and modestly. Your apparel should be in sync with the college you are visiting and the majors that you intend to take up. For instance, if you are intending for music major, then it is advisable to go for something similar to a concert dress. Students intending to major in composition of music, theater or arts can be a bit creative with what they wear but nothing too flashy.  If you are not a music or artsy type, then any trending university gear can suit you – just pair up some comfy yet distinctive pieces from Calibre Apparel for making an awesome impact.

Business Casual:

Business casual is the best bet for young men and ladies appearing for their interviews. The ideal apparel would be a button down long sleeved Oxford Shirt with dress pants and shoes. If you feel that it is more on the dressier side and it will make you feel uncomfortable or you are more into sports, then opt for dark blue jeans instead of dress pants and roll up the sleeves of the striped shirt for a more casual appearance. Pairing it off with a sports jacket will complete the whole appearance.

Trousers or skirts (modest length) are the best choice for young ladies. They can pair it with a nice blouse from a wide range of Edwards Ladies collection like the Sleeve Cuff Blouse or District Made Ladies Cardigan, or shell, with stylish jacket, and nice shoes. Avoid the extremes like flip-flops or extremely long heels. Dressing smartly is the key to looking chic without overdoing it – like combining a dark jeans or crisp capris with a stylish jacket and a soft scarf to get that classy look.

Concert Dresses:

For the music performance majors, nothing works better than something in league of concert dresses whether it is conservatory auditions, or college interviews. It is required of young musicians to express flawless professionalism in both clothing and performance. That does not mean that you should opt for a tuxedo or a formal gown – that’s a bit over the notch, however, whatever you wear should be polished and have a class of its own. Black is the most chic and fashionable apparel for musicians.

Whether it is the black dress trousers or a variety of white shirts from Edwards and other famous but affordable brands at CalibreApparel. Black jacket and tie never fail to complement this attire.

The vocalists have the liberty to play with colours and wear something elaborate like Alternative 1968 Women’s Eco-Jersey Maxi Dress for the ladies or Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Pindot Shirt or a variety of other reasonably priced brands.

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