Words like boring, drab and dull flash through your mind when you think of corporate apparel. Usually corporate apparel tends to give this overall dreary and uninteresting feel due to the fabrics and cut. However, this is not always true. There are ways in which even a corporate outfit or uniform can look fashion fabulous and have style and class. It only takes a bit of fashion awareness and some creativity to go from bore to interesting and fab. Adding a bit of trending style not only makes your employees look smart and elegant, it also encourages them to be more energetic and enthusiastic to work and flaunt their styles.

Here are five superb ways to fab up your corporate apparel without making any compromises on the brand.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric is essential for the corporate material. The usual choice of fabrics for uniform is the stiff, heavy and unflattering 100% polyester or a poly based blend. Although these fabrics boast of some really good features like stain and odor release, still the overall look is boring and rough. These fabrics are not exactly suitable for the warmer seasons which can make the person uncomfortable.

It is advisable to put your money in the right fabric such as cotton/rayon blends, which are soft, flexible, and pleasing. Another good idea would be two invest in two different fabrics depending on the geographical environment you’re your business. You can invest in heavier fabrics for the colder weather and lighter cotton for the summers.

Redesign Your Uniform

There is no rule that you have to go for the basic corporate uniform that is being popularly used in most places. Your employees will feel really grateful that you care about them and it should also be reflective of your brand. For instance, in the hospitality industry like hotels and restaurants, you can actually design something that is comfortable, stylish and fun and at the same rime quite professional. Hip and happening clubs, bars and restaurants should design something rave and chic for the waitresses and waiters. You can take your inspiration from Hollywood’s hottest restaurants whose uniforms are flirty, stylish and playful!

Add Some Color to Drab

Another great way to add some funk to the dreary corporate uniforms is by adding a pop of color to the whole ensemble. Without comprising on the fabric or going through the drill to change it every year, simply change the patterns and colors every season. This creativity will not only make your employees happy, it would be quite appealing to your customers too. Keep a lookout for the compliments for your style and creativity!

Employ Decoration Tips & Tricks

Play around with embroidery, prints and embellishments to make your logo stand out. You can embellish and excite the whole theme of your uniform with printing highlights and decorate it with getting designs and sceneries stitched around it. It will give you brand’s logo a new and elegant look.

Break Away from The Traditions

Fashion is all about change. The styles and cuts of all the apparels keep evolving, so why should you stick with the traditional cuts and styles where the corporate apparels are concerned. This does not imply that you need to turn your employees into fashion models, but a little play with the fit and style with a dab of color and material can give you an upper hand over your competitors.

Adding some unique and trendy changes to the corporate wear for your employees is a reflection of your innovation and creativity as a brand. Wearing a chic and stylish uniform will not only make your employees feel good about themselves but it will be simply cool to incorporate fashion into the corporate world and it will definitely attract more customers. Seeing is believing and if you can do so much you’re your employees, you can definitely do a lot for your customers. So think productively, and get opinions from your employees regarding the changes they’d like to see and you will see how corporate apparels can also set trends.

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