Sporting white pants is not everyone’s forte and it can certainly cause a conundrum. However, lately the trendsetters are favoring the white and it is no more a choice limited to polo, golf or afternoon tea. The new trends that include white pants are more street savvy. You just need to learn to a few styling tips to flaunt your way with white on your lower bottom.

Many people also feel that wearing white pants is a risk and few people have mastered the art of wearing them. However, with the right steps, it is not that difficult to wear white with style and impression. You just need to keep the occasion and season in mind when wearing any type of white pants.

White Jeans for Summer
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Types of White Pants

The best way to approach this style is to choose the type of pants that seem most attractive to you. You cannot get away with this style, unless you’ve thoroughly invested in it. There are various styles of white pants available in the market and you just need to find the pair that best suits you.

Some of these styles are discussed below.

White Chinos

White chinos create a perfect look to wear if you are looking for something which comes in between formal and informal. These trendy pairs of pants allow you to incorporate color in a fashionable style. Solid white chinos look perfect with both denim and pinstriped shirts too.

White Jeans

White jeans are always a great choice and you can pair them with any color for a great style statement. Go for the slim fits or regular white jeans are always a better choice than the skinny ones where the color white is concerned to avoid showing too much of your body than needed.

White Linen Pants

Linen pants may not be considered the hottest trends but many designers like Isabel Marant and Phillip Lim have brought them back for the summer season. However, according to GQ’s latest article, summer is not the only season you can stick to white. You only need to balance the coolness of white with the right pair of trainers to be more street look. Don’t commit a faux pas by including any tassels or bandanas and Jesus sandals are just a fashion crime.

White Cargo Pants

This is one type that should be completely avoided when wearing white bottoms. Cargo pants are not that trendy otherwise and white ones are fashion faux pas of the century.


White pants are usually associated with the Labor Day, 4th of July or the summer season, however, if you are a trendsetter and know how to master the art of wearing a white pair, you can pull it off in any season. This can only be achieved with the right color matching and the perfect fit. Just replace your pinstriped or checkered shirt with crew neck jumper including a leather jacket during autumn and winter. Black leather needs to be balanced with colored jumper or it would look too stark.


A pair of white chinos is perfect for a semi-formal public function and a casual night out with friends at the pub, so it is difficult to pinpoint any occasions which can be associated with white pants. However, try to avoid wearing whites when you are planning to sit on grassy fields for a picnic, during rainy days and any other occasion where you would be prone to stain those pristine pair of pants and end up looking gaffe instead of trendy.

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