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3 Tips for Buying a Down Jacket to Beat the Chill

Down jackets and vests are an important part of winter essentials. These clothing items are ideal for those who have to face harsher weathers and chilly winds with low temperatures. It not only keeps you warm but also satisfies your need fashionable during outdoor activities like mountain climbing or skiing.

You must not invest in any down jacket that you like. There are certain factors like your lifestyle, gender and the place you live when you are buying a perfect down jacket. It is important to keep in mind for what you are going to use the jacket. If you will be moving quickly at low altitude in moderate temperatures, then a light down jacket like the Devon and Jones Reliant Jacket for ladies or a wide variety for both men and women by Tri-Mountain and Sport Red, etc. would be perfect for you. These jackets are excellent for low-altitude rock climbing, ice  climbing, or backpacking trips. For colder temperature and higher altitudes, heavier down jackets would be required.

Listed below are some really good tips that may help you choose the most suitable down jackets and reap their utmost insulation and benefits.

Check the Jacket’s Fill Power

Fill power is the number that represents the fluffiness of the jacket. The higher number means that the jacket is better insulated. 550 is the fill power that is generally available. 750 or higher has the best insulation and is more compressible. The fill power also determines the price of a down jacket. The higher the number, the higher the price and quality (which is also dependent on the quality of feathers.)!

Check the Weight of the Down Jacket

When you are purchasing a down jacket, another point that you should keep in mind is its weight. If you are on a backpacking journey or traveling outdoors, then a lighter jacket would be sufficient for your needs so that it would not decrease your speed. Go for a bulkier and heavier jacket with at least 500 fill power. The warmth provided by the lighter weighing down jacket of 800 fill power is the same as the denser one with 500 fill power.

Be Mindful of the Material and Other Elements

A down jacket is made up of various materials that need to be checked thoroughly along with the key features, fit and style of the jacket. Apart from finding out the insulating material used in the jacket, you also need to consider the material used for shells. It is the outer material that determines the durability, weight, warmth, and water resistance of the jacket.

Before buying, check out if the outer layer has been treated for resistance or not. All the good apparel companies use Gore-Tex as it is a great exterior feature for down jackets because it is waterproof and breathable.

The two most popular and durable materials used for the exterior layer of the down jackets are nylon and polyester that can withstand harsh condition. Last but not least, do inspect the jacket thoroughly to ensure there are no feathers poking out as it will give you an idea about the sturdiness of the material.

Down jackets are ideal for regular use and travelling both. They are not only resilient; they are also resistant to compression. These jackets are easy to stuff in your packs without the fear of wear and tear.

Keeping these tips in mind you can research some great and affordable brands online. This way you can make your purchase comfortably this winter. Down jackets can also prove to be really useful and practical gifts for those who love adventures, travelling and outdoors. Check out reputable apparel stores and online retailers for the best discounts and prices.

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