Working out is no more limited to fitness gurus and sports people. With the growing awareness, many people are hitting the gym and when they do so, they want to look their best too. Almost everyone wants a trendy yet functional outfit for the time they break the sweat. Here are 10 U.S brands that would satisfy any fashionista while breaking the sweat.

  1. Adidas

Adidas is always able to bag the top position because of its well-designed, practical yet trendy and fashionable fitness gear. Whether it is the pastels or something blingy and glittering, Adidas outfits definitely makes people give you admirable looks. Not only is this brand budget-friendly, it has names like Stella McCartney and Karlie Kloss associated with it, who create iconic fashions in the fitness outfits.

  1. Reebok

Reebok is quite a famous name when it comes to fitness apparels. Reebok’s whole style is about synching the fitness wear with the fashion trends. Reebok is one brand that motivates people to create a fashionable image with a fit body. It is affordable and sports a wide range of colors, and shapes from tops to hoodies and pants and much more.

  1. Puma

Puma is the street wear that you can flaunt at the gym too. Their designs are trendy enough for a day out with friends or a sweaty fitness routine at the gym. However, this brand is more for lifestyle than functionality. Some range of clothes is limited, like the running shorts.

  1. Nike

Whether you are working outdoors, hitting the gym, or attending a yoga session, Nike has got definitely got you covered. From head to toe, you can find fitness apparel and accessories to suit your needs. Whether it is the trendy swim wear, tank tops, tennis skirt or a hoodie, Nike completes your gear. It’s fashionable and trendy with a wide range of colors and chic styles for everyone.

  1. Under Armour

This American label is the official supplier to Andy Murray. If you want to look good, keep fit and yet protect yourself during workouts, then this fitness apparel is definitely for you. The fitness kit from Under Armour keeps you steady during workouts and can also shield you from stormy winds.

  1. Champion/Hanes

Champion is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc. More than 80% of American households wears some type of Hanes apparel because it is famous for its comfort and quality. Customers can rely on Hanes/ Champion’s stylish and chic range of fashion wear, whether you it’s something comfortable and affordable at home or the running tracks or gym.

  1. Eysom

This is relatively new fitness label that is based in LA. The word EYSOM is the acronym for “exercise your state of mind.”Like the name suggests, this brand is all about how your gym clothes fit your body and how good they make you feel. Although a trendy brand with a sturdy and comfortable line of clothes, they have a limited line and budget-wise, it is not pocket-friendly for everyone. However, if you can focuses on how your gym clothes are supposed to fit and feel. Nonetheless, if you have the money to spend, then it is worth every penny.

  1. TASC

Based in New Orleans, this family-run brand with a textile background has come up with a completely innovative range by using a proprietary fabric made from bamboo. This unusual fabric not only feels good, it is functional as well. So, those of you do not prefer the plastic and petroleum based products with a plastic and fake look, this brand is the ultimate solution.

  1. Koral Active Wear

Fitness conscious women who do not want to compromise on fashion even when going to the gym, should definitely go for Koral Active Wear. This brand boasts of a unique combination of fashion trends and gym wear. Their new Spring 2017 collection has been taking the internet by storm. So, ladies you can even look hot while you burn those extra calories.

  1. Gym Shark

One of the most famous brands in the fitness outfits industry, Gym Shark has it all. Their line in impressive and this is obvious from the millions of followers they have. This popular brand can meet your needs for any fitness apparel from tank tops, leggings, sweaters and much more.

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